Thule Tepui Roof Top Tents are Best in Class

Camping season is upon us, and the best way for you to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort is with a new Thule Tepui Roof Top Tent for your car, truck or van.Your favorite spot up in the mountains by a nearby stream is the perfect place to set up camp for a few days. Camping is always more enjoyable when you can rely on your equipment. Whether you have a car, truck, SUV, Jeep, van or crossover vehicle, you'll love the features of Thule Tepui tents.

Thule Tepui tents can withstand the changing elements the different seasons bring.


Are you wondering if your Thule Tepui tent can withstand the outside elements? In Colorado we can see a mixture of weather in a single day. You could experience rain, wind, sunshine, and even snow. It is important to know that ThuleTepui has got you covered. Camping is more fun when you can stay dry and enjoy a good night’s sleep. With your Thule Tepui tent, you know you can stay out of the elements.

Off the ground with a comfortable mattress for a great night’s sleep

Being off the ground reduces the risk of bugs crawling into your sleeping quarters and keeps ground water and dampness off of your mattress. A true room with a view.

Thule Tepui Explorer & Ruggedized Series Roof Top Tents will have you camping in comfort and style.

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